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Important Quality Of Outdoor Video Walls

Outdoor Video Walls with high resolution images, animation and text is certainly a powerful medium for advertising. For many years now we have seen LED video walls when out and about used by different companies to grab our attention and help them sell whatever they are selling or telling us about. But the difference is that the LED video walls of today are technologically far more superior than that of times gone by and with ever changing technology they are getting better all the time!

outdoor LED displays are exposed to the most severe weather conditions, it’s important that their image quality stays constant over time. we believe that IP rating is just one of the building blocks in determining whether a LED display is suitable for outdoor use or not.  

Perhaps you want to stream full color live images from a sporting event or live performances on stage at a festival then our LED outdoor video walls are the perfect solution.

That’s why we developed our own test program – ‘typhoon testing’. In this test not only the impact of water and dust is tested but also the impact of UV rays, varying temperatures and vibrations is taken into account.With LED pitch pitch sizes available; 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm and 20mm on our LED video screens Tfixed and TfixedS modules and stunning picture quality means that you can have a spectacularly close viewing distance, from as little as 2.5 metres and because of the construction of the modules a very wide viewing angle both horizontally and vertically.




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