Features of Flight case

  • Lockable holes attached to lid and bottom : lockable at your choice
  • multi point hinges : sturdy and very robust design
  • piston valve : levels out pressure when transported in air cargo
  • two to four sturdy locks : keep content safe and easy locking
  • soft foam in the lid : project the content in the case against bumps


  • Case made of high grade plastics: very strong material suitable for use in the majority of environment and in cold weather(-20 C)
  • Robust and ergonomic keep item ergonomic handle : provide easy and comfortable handle
  • Practical design : low weight ,easy to clear effective and flexible
  • No sharp edges : less chance on damaging surfaces
  • stability by design : avoid falling over and usable as small chair
  • water and Dust proof : keep item in fight case dry and dust free in line with ISO IP 67
  • Resistant to chemical : time and cost saving