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Sports LED Display Screen

Sport LED video Screen and Sign technology with the continuous development and improvement, LED perimeter display has become a necessary facilities of modernized stadium. Our team with a wealth of experience, first-class technology, comprehensive services to customers to provide a complete, reliable sports stadium LED perimeter display and stadium screens, outdoor full color sports LEDs and display wall, led sports scoreboard, score ticker and signage, and signs solutions.

Single-pixel correction technique applied to each pixel, each module, each screen box and the whole body, so that the screen shows the effect of a perfect white balance.

Automated color calibration, color temperature adjustment function, parts per million to obtain the calibration allows you to live a perfect image.

High refresh rate up to 2000Hz, made the LED display screen more stable and effective to prevent the filming of the stroboscopic phenomenon.

Professional sports player software, high-performance fiber-optic transmission, effectively reducing the broadcast signal in the process of delay to ensure the live broadcast and the synchronization system of accuracy appear.


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