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Video Wall Benefits and Solutions

A video wall consists of multiple computer or television monitors tiled or overlapped to form what appears to be one large screen. Common display technologies used include Direct View LED arrays, LCD panels, and rear projection systems. This setup typically results in thick divider lines, or bezels, that usually significantly reduce the video wall’s viewable area. Though some monitor manufacturers have taken steps to reduce them, it is impossible to completely eliminate them. At the end of the day, these multiple screen setups still look like several TVs next to each other.

Enter The One-Screen LED Solution

Video Wall technology should enhance your advertising and message, not get in the way.  high resolutions one screen digital displays are easy to install, made to fit your space, and offer brilliant image quality that’s eye catching and effective Revolutionize your digital display experience with a fine pitch visualization solution . LED displays are often in conference rooms, transportation hubs, control rooms and stadiums – locations where up-close viewing is required. 



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