LED display modules video processor

Led Video Processor Features :

1. Convenient panel key operation or RS232 / USB / LAN control settings;
2. A variety of pre-stored mode and a key call, mode calling use seamless or fade in and fade out switch;
3. Synchronous monitoring, you can use the monitor to monitor the 1080P 4K2K_60Hz input screen;
4. Output: DVI digital full HD, up to 8 route, single-port resolution of 1920 x 1080_60Hz;
5. Input: Ultra HD + HD + SD, analog + digital; HDMI2.0 (4K2K_60Hz) x 1, CVBS x 2, VGA x 1, DVI x 1, SDI / HD-SDI x 1;the seamless switch , fade in and out switch among them;
6. Within 4K2K range, the LED screen shows point-to-point synchronization display; supporting Promise zoom;the maximum load of one single machine is 16 million pixels, without cumbersome software settings;
7.4K2K_60Hz real 4K pole-clear LED video processor, advanced interlaced motion image adaptive processing technology, moving images without tailing and saw-tooth.



Video processor is used for Large venus display applications such as: Rental Performance, TV broadcast center, large-scale stage and theatre, high-end meeting, exhibition etc.

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