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Video Wall Benefits and Solutions

A video wall consists of multiple computer or television monitors tiled or overlapped to form what appears to be one large screen. Common display technologies used include Direct View LED arrays, LCD panels, and rear projection systems. This setup typically results in thick divider lines, or bezels, that can significantly reduce the video wall’s viewable area. Though some monitor manufacturers have taken steps to reduce them, it is impossible to completely eliminate them. At the end of the day, these multiple screen setups still look like several TVs stacked on top of each other.

You can already imagine how amazing a videowall would be if it were interactive to the touch. Well, this feature is pretty common and is taken into consideration when building video walls. As we’ve seen, videowall processors ensure everything runs smoothly, including maintaining a fluent display of content if the video wall is used by several people at once.

Browsing through maps, searching for data or even playing games on an interactive video wall are all valid uses, and above all, they are highly engaging. Basic interactive digital signage already draws significant attention to itself; imagine then how much attention a video wall can attract.

Entertainment and video walls are an excellent combination, precisely because of the aforementioned eye-catching factor.

If human beings cared solely about efficiency, there would be no need for flashy technology. To put it bluntly, that’s exactly what video walls are. Thinking outside the box can get you far when it comes to entertainment. Using video walls in a creative and entertaining way can catch attention and ignite curiosity in every viewer.


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