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Video wall systems are extremely versatile and can provide benefits for virtually any application and environment. Meet some of the teams and individuals who rely on video walls every day, and find out how they’re using their systems.

The US Armed Forces

  • Aggregate and visualize data on a central platform to build a common operating picture
  • Enable multi-domain conferencing and secure collaboration within multi-class environments
  • Provide a rugged, mobile display solution in a tactical operations center

Students & Educators

  • Visualize and explore big data at full resolution and detail
  • Enhance interdepartmental research by uniting information on a shared visual platform
  • Enable distance learning and collaboration with remote colleagues

Business Leaders

  • Deliver engaging, interactive multimedia presentations
  • Collaborate with remote colleagues and share information site-to-site
  • Create a high-impact digital canvas to reinforce brand identity and welcome visitors

Control Room Operators

  • Monitor networks, video streams, alarm systems, and other critical content on a dynamic central display
  • Create a shared platform where operators can collaborate to accelerate incident response
  • Share critical information with teams and stakeholders across the network



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