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Full Colour Outdoor Video Wall

Since a video wall is built from a tiled array of displays, the total resolution of the display surface increases with each display added to the array. This means a video wall can have a much larger display area and far higher resolutions than a single display or projector. Video walls are also much more scalable than projectors since the display surface can be expanded without sacrificing image quality.

Calibration is necessary only when some LED screen manufacturers use different BIN LEDs and calibration dims all the LEDs to the dimmest LED obviously giving you a substandard screen. We ensure that our screens have the highest quality of LEDs from the same batch.

The LEDs are the most important component used in manufacture of an LED display, being approximately 60% of the total cost. Therefore you need to be confident of the uniformity of the LEDs. We use same BIN LEDs for the display so that we can ensure the same high quality of brightness and colour negating any need for calibration of the screen. 

LED Modules

Outdoor Video Walls with high resolution images, animation and text is certainly a powerful medium for advertising. For many years now we have seen LED video walls when out and about used by different companies to grab our attention and help them sell whatever they are selling or telling us about. But the difference is that the LED video walls of today are technologically far more superior than that of times gone by and with ever changing technology they are getting better all the time!

Outdoor LED Curtain

If you are looking for a much larger LED screen to cover a large area such as a building for example then we have an innovative LED curtain screen that will suit your needs, designed specifically for large outdoor fixed installations with advertising in mind. With a very slim depth cabinet only 56mm in thickness the LED strips can be installed either horizontally or vertically dependent on your application.

This is the perfect product where you need a high level of transparency with low weight, low power consumption and of course, low cost. The manufacture is of the highest standards, IP67 casings, military grade connectors and the highest quality of LEDs means that you get exceptional workmanship and build quality.



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