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GPS Based Vehicle Tracking Systems

In today’s economy businesses are looking for ways of making their workforce more efficient. With any vehicle fleet, fuel consumption is becoming a progressively larger cost to the business.

Without accurate and real time data it’s very difficult to identify where improvements can be made, leaving your fleet operations without the tools they need to get the most from the available resources.

GPS Fleet tracking and management gives you the tools you need to make positive changes, based upon accurate, up to date information.

The transparency that GPS tracking and management provides will enable you to:

  • Complete more jobs per week
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Track scheduled maintenance
  • View proof of visit and time on site

Bus Displays and Information System

led_bus-displayLEDpro offers state-of-the-art integrated Passenger Information Server System using Global Position System technology.

We drives the LED destination boards mounted in in front, side and back of the bus. Additionally, an in-cab display dynamically shows the exact distance to the next stop along with expected time of arrival. The in-cab display is driven using GPS signals without any need of bus to server communication.

The system has an integrated GSM/GPRS interface that transmits the location of the bus to a central server. Used with mapping solutions, the system seamlessly integrates with modern central monitoring stations.

LEDpro thus provides a single point:

  • Bus Tracking device.
  • LED board driver.
  • Public Address System for driver and passengers.

Design Features:-

  • Digital Signal Processing Technology- the most contemporary in its class.
  • Digital Format voice message storage- excellent long term voice quality.
  • Large on Board Memory- Entire states bus route information can be stored.
  • Sturdy, Anti-Vandal Packaging.

Composite Control Unit:-

  • installed on driver desk console.
  • Driver/ conductor needs to enter bus number once.
  • Large Memory can store the entire counitry’s time table in memory.
  • Generates Digital Voice Messages
  • Manages Message display on all display boards.

LED based Destination Boards:-

  • High Visibility in Sun and Dark.
  • Auto-dimming Facility on time basis.
  • Improved Safety of Waiting Passengers

Passenger Information boards:-

  • mounted inside the bus.
  • Displays distance and time to next / few stops.
  • Helps in timely planning for deboarding.

Voice Announcement-

-Automatic triggering of voice messages using GPS.

– Crystal clear voice announcement in three languages for present stop, next arriving stop.

System Benefits:-

-Benefits to driver

– gentle and pleasant voice based prompting at halts.

Less driving stress/ better attentiveness.

GPS assisted automatic operation- No Manual Intervention required through out.

Benefit to passengers:-

  • Pleasant voice based announcements for approaching/ departing stops.
  • Less riding stress, better information- better safety.
  • Destination boards improve bus visibility on stop and hence improve safety.

Benefit to operating staff:-

  • Provision to track bus on route.
  • Monitoring of driving quality,
  • Monitoring of adherence to time schedules and planned halts.
  • Automated MIS reports.

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