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Fixed LED Display (Indoor and Outdoor)

Features of our indoor and outdoor Fixed LED Displays and Signs: Durable fresh color and high brightness by adopting high quality LEDs; Energy saving by using excellent IC driver and improved PCB design; High uniformity and contrast; Anti-UV module mask, Anti-OXidation module frame for protection from deformation; With IP65 protection grade, suitable for working in different outdoor environments…

Powerful heat dispersion, high brightness, good consistency, and showing vivid video. The selection of excellent IC and controlling system can guarantee the exquisite displaying effects. Customized front / rear module, saves your time and labor costs on maintenance. The careful raw material selection ensure the product reliability, stability, and longevity. Application : Advertisement, stadium, entertainment, government, school, communication, entertainment, port, station, shop, restaurant, etc.

Outdoor LED Video Wall Rental

Rental outdoor LED Video Walls develops rapidly in recent years. Lightweight die-cast aluminum cabinet has gradually replaced the traditional heavy sheet metal cabinet. Because of its light weight, thin structure, simple installation and disassembly, convenient transportation, die-cast aluminum cabinets are favored by leasing market.

Features and Advantages of outdoor LED Video Walls

  • Rich & exquisite images for its high tonal range;
  • Different size free-splicing for its technology advantage;
  • Handy installation way for its ultra-light & thin;
  • Wide viewing angle, adjustable brightness for its vertical of 120 deg;
  • Eliminate noise for its noiseless design…

Sports LED Display Screen

Sport LED video Screen and Sign technology with the continuous development and improvement, LED perimeter display has become a necessary facilities of modernized stadium. Our team with a wealth of experience, first-class technology, comprehensive services to customers to provide a complete, reliable sports stadium LED perimeter display and stadium screens, outdoor full color sports LEDs and display wall, led sports scoreboard, score ticker and signage, and signs solutions.

Single-pixel correction technique applied to each pixel, each module, each screen box and the whole body, so that the screen shows the effect of a perfect white balance.

Automated color calibration, color temperature adjustment function, parts per million to obtain the calibration allows you to live a perfect image.

High refresh rate up to 2000Hz, made the LED display screen more stable and effective to prevent the filming of the stroboscopic phenomenon.

Professional sports player software, high-performance fiber-optic transmission, effectively reducing the broadcast signal in the process of delay to ensure the live broadcast and the synchronization system of accuracy appear.



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