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P4 Indoor LED Display Video Wall


Unique small pitch series black masks greatly enhance screen contrast, effectively improve the degree of luminescence neat, LED light side emitting brightness differences are minimized and uniform brightness when viewing the screen from sides.

The greater the left/right and up/down viewing angle, more clear the screen image and more uniform the brightness if watch the screen. Viewing angles of our small pitch series reach 160 degrees or more.

Gray scale indicates the brightness change levels from dark to bright colors.

LED display refresh rate is the number of times for a second that a display hardware draws the data. High refresh rate means stable image, no ripples, no black. Dynamic displaying images at a high refresh rate can bring sharp edges and can accurately restore the true image information.16-bit color processing-digit level, showing digital images with 281 trillion kinds of colors.

P3 Indoor LED Video Wall


  • The appearance is very elegant, it looks very high end.
  • The side locks are spring locks, this is unique among all die-casting aluminum cabinets, especially popular in the European market and North American market.
  • The new structure design enables the diversified installation to meet the hanging-up and stacking requirements.
  • Due to the light weight and low power consumption, it can reduce the labor cost, operating cost and transportation cost.
  • Good thermal design, excellent heat dissipation even no fan installation.
  • It is low noise, can be installed in office and meeting room.

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