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Seamless LED Displays Offer Many Advantages

Avoid Distraction

Content should be the primary driving force behind any new video wall display. But you don’t want to compromise your arresting content with visual interference, like bezels separating tiled LCD displays. Advances in LED display technology are rapidly driving down prices, and are leading to an increased adoption of seamless LED displays. This is good news for businesses that are looking for ways to display eye-catching content to attract the customer’s attention.

Several Options

Businesses need a display that delivers a high impact message with uninterrupted content. Many technologies can be leveraged to create a video wall, and customers can choose from tiled or discrete LCD flat panels, rear-projection cubes, or projection, among other options. While each option has its pros and cons, seamless LED displays are increasingly delivering a number of important advantages over older technologies.

Today’s seamless direct-view LED display technology is compact, slim, and lightweight because RGB LED diodes are fixed directly onto circuit boards which reduces the space required for complex wiring. This makes for a very compact design that provides brightness far beyond projection, enhanced contrast due to superior black levels, impressive color uniformity, and a general image quality that can even rival an LCD monitor. It also lacks the unsightly bezels that can dramatically interfere with your content.



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