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It is so important to understand the differences in the screens available on the market. Being walked through your options with a consulting and design team will make things less overwhelming by helping you decide how to make the most of your investment. Meantime you can study up right now. After all, the screens comprise the body of your video wall so you want to make sure you choose the right one for your company’s specific needs and budget.

LCD Video Wall

Visual performance is a critical element in a video wall display and LCD provides some of the highest total resolution of all the technologies available on the market. High pixel density means a vividly detailed image that creates less eye fatigue for viewers and that keeps them looking longer at your digital signage. LCD screens also tend to be preferred for their brightness and ability to adjust the brightness levels, especially in spaces where there is an abundance of ambient light. If you need a video wall for a large control room, LCDs are known to offer some of the widest viewing angles which is ideal in the case of very large spaces when people need a clear view of the wall.



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